To make your product be safeguarded by introduction of film overwrapping machine

Fin seal overwrapping device is able airtight sealing more than the regular overwrapping equipment. It is effective in avoiding insects and international substances from getting into bundle. It has superb humidity proof. By attaching opening tape, deal can be opened effortlessly.

Fin-sealed wrapping products can maintain its large airtightness during transportation from the merchandise shipped out the manufacturing unit till exhibited in the store and sent to buyer. It protects the top quality of sensitive goods these kinds of as chocolate, candy, or pharmaceutical items.

The agent design of large speed fin seal overwrapping is FN1 that has the two functionality that is strength of insect prevention and dependability to protect the item quality.

TAM possess know-how has attained substantial pace wrapping of the maximum a hundred and sixty pcs/min with steady procedure. FN1 has excellent expandability to be created in existing line system.

overwrap machine Fin Seal overwrapping device is one particular of the film overwrapping devices that TAM manufactures. The name ‘Fin’ is from the fin of a fish. It is referred to as ‘Fin seal since of the method of sealing soon after wrapping the physique of the carton there is film edge to adhere at the prolonged aspect, and the both short sides to adhere for heat seal. They are looks like fins.

In overwrapping, it experienced tendency of problems for airtight seal because the carton be utilised are largely versatile slim plastic or paper created carton. When heat seal pressure acts from the carton from the outside the house, the cartons usually deformed by heat seal strain.

Fin seal, on the other hand, it is the way to pinch the movie and seal them so that the carton versatility does not influence the package. As a result, it is in a position to generate the bundle with hermetic sealing. Acquiring the airtightness helps prevent the invasion of insects or good quality affect by moisture.

From these features Fin seal is ample for manufacturer in the food industry who has launched HACCP that requires food security and quality management.

In the TAM model FN1, the sealing technique in the earlier mentioned image has been adopted that is to fin seal at the more time side and shorter sides then, fold the movie and seal it again. This will safe greater seal efficiency, much better appearance of the wrapping and easiness of show at the shop.

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